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Team Effectiveness

Rebeka Graham Enterprises' Insights Team Effectiveness Profile can be used to measure how teams are performing against critical success factors both currently and over a period of time. It can also be used to support the establishment of performance improvement plans and benchmark team performance against other teams.

  • Team members evaluate the team against 16 critical success factors which include:
    • Decision Making
    • Accountability And Commitment
    • Vision
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Involvement
    • Atmosphere
    • Feelings
    • Valuing Differences
    • Trust
    • Meetings
    • Review Of Processes
    • Roles And Responsibilities
    • Problem Solving
    • Approach To Task
    • Objectives
  • Produces a comprehensive analysis including 'norming' of industry and functional team types
  • Can be delivered by Insights, in-house facilitators or Insights Associates
  • Allows the team to focus on exerting effort in improving those areas deemed most vital to the achievement of their objectives
  • Enables the team to quickly reach the 'norming and performing' stages of teamwork
  • Encourages a supportive and understanding team culture

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